Affiliate Tools

From time to time, we come across some good tools that may be of value to you. Most of the time, they are developed by affiliates, for affiliates, and the creators of these tools have built something that can help you. We’ve provided you with some information here on these tools, and if you would like to use them, please make sure you understand how they work before using them as a means of marketing – these tools will be useful for some affiliates, and not to others. We’ve partnered with the companies below in order to offer you the ability to quickly and easily market our product offering – enjoy!

GoldenCAN Store Integration

Tool: GoldenCAN Store, Search, Price Drop, and Coupon Integration

Company: GoldenCAN –

What it is: A HTML and Javascript code generator that allows an affiliate to quickly and easily create stores on their own website. With only one line of code, you can put our entire product catalog with complete category structure, coupons and promotions, recent price-drops, and a search box on your site. This tool is great for webmasters that already have substantial traffic levels and are looking for an easy and effective way to offer products too.

Cost: Free to affiliates – funded by Sierra Trading Post

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