We offer hundreds of options to make it easy to post links that are relevant to your website. All of our links are available through the Linkshare interface once you are accepted into our affiliate program. Here is some information about the different types of links we offer.

Text Links

Text links are the most basic and frequently-used type of link on the web. We provide many different text links that promote our coupons, current sales and individual products. You can browse our variety of text links in the text links section of your Linkshare interface or see examples on our text links page.

Banner Links

Banner links can sometimes grab visitor’s attention faster than a text link. We offer tons of banners promoting our current deals, coupons and categories of products. We have many sizes available so you can find a banner that fits your ad space and goes well with your site. You can see examples of many of our banners on our banner links page or look for the banner links section in your Linkshare interface.

Rich Media Links

Rich media links offer dynamic content. Some of them are automatically updated with our current top-sellers. Others allow your visitors to search our site directly from a banner on your web page. You can see examples on our Dynamic Rich Media page or look for the dynamic rich media section in your Linkshare interface.

Product Links

Linking directly to products that are relevant to articles, forums or other content on your site is often the best way to generate sales and commissions. Your visitors will find relevant product links to be convenient and our great deals on great brands will make it a winning combination for everyone! We offer product datafeeds and many special affiliate tools to help you generate product links. You can also find a product link creator in your Linkshare interface. To see examples of product displays you can visit our product links page.